This is a 20-bed transitional housing program for mentally ill adults who have a co-occurring substance abuse disorder. This is a 24-hour per day supervised program that assists clients in gaining and maintaining sobriety, as well as living with and recovering from mental illness, and has a Day Treatment program component on-site. Services include ongoing assessment and service planning, individual and group therapy, peer support groups, behavioral contracts, and referral to collateral services. Residents are trained in daily living skills, symptom and medication management, health and nutrition, socialization, self-advocacy, employment and job skills, and other areas needed to support their road to recovery. Consumers undergo periodic urine screening to verify their commitment and success in overcoming substance abuse. As consumers become more capable of dealing with their lives and sustaining greater independence, they move up the continuum of care ladder of decreasing supervision and increasing autonomy.

Aurora MICA Program – Admission Criteria
  • Client must be 18 years of age or older and have a designated mental illness diagnosis with co-existing substance dependency.
  • Client must be eligible to receive entitlement benefits from the NYC Human Resources Administration Department of Social Services, the Social Security Administration, Medicaid, SNAP, etc.
  • Client must have no immediate potential for or likelihood of doing serious harm to himself or others.
  • Client must agree to adhere to his/her individual service plan, and to the rules of the program.
  • Evidence must be submitted that the client is medically suited for this program.
  • Referral source must submit an approved HRA-2010E housing form and current supporting documentation, including psychosocial summary, psychiatric assessment, physical examination, and entitlement documentation.
  • Client must be deemed NY/NY I or NY/NY II eligible by the NYC Human Resources Administration's Office of Health and Mental Health Services.

For additional information, contact:
Erica Hutchek, Supervising Case Manager
212-866-2600 ext. 4210