Heritage provides 75 beds of long-term/permanent service enriched housing for people living with AIDS or advanced HIV. The programmatic emphasis in this housing is on maintaining physical and emotional health and reaching maximum individual potential. Services are designed to counteract the detrimental effects of AIDS and HIV while offering holistic healing and opportunities for sobriety, physical reconstitution, recovery of function, and a residential safe haven where residents are encouraged to create a healthy community and become more productive members of society. Heritage uses specific structured interventions to assist individuals in developing skills and achieving a higher level of independence, while monitoring their illness in a safe and clean residential environment. In addition to supportive services provided on-site, clients are also referred to local medical, mental health and substance abuse services as needed.

HIV/AIDS Permanent Housing – Admission Criteria and Contact
  • Client must have a diagnosis of AIDS or advanced HIV.
  • Referral source must submit an approved HRA-2010E housing form and current supporting documentation, including psychosocial summary, psychiatric assessment, physical examination, and entitlement documentation.
  • Physical evaluation must include SMA6,12, CVC, PPD, medication history, and any other required pertinent medical evaluation/diagnostic tests.
  • Client must agree to adhere to his/her individual service plan, and to the rules of the program.
  • Client must be eligible to receive entitlement benefits from the NYC Human Resources Administration Department of Social Services, the Social Security Administration, Medicaid, SNAP, etc.
  • All referrals must come from the housing division of the NYC HIV/AIDS Services Administration.

For additional information, contact:
Katherine Cherry, Program Director
718.292.8573, ext. 15