Heritage facilitates 172 beds of scattered-site supported housing in Manhattan, the Bronx and Queens for individuals living with mental illness who are ready for nearly independent living. This is considered to be "permanent housing", so clients can remain in this program as long as it meets their needs. Clients in this program manage their daily lives largely on their own, with support from staff on a monthly basis or more often if needed. Clients in scattered-site housing are also provided with a list of Heritage employees who are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to lend assistance if needed in an emergency. Many scattered-site clients hold jobs and are working to become active, involved members of the community. Direction for clients in this program is provided more through encouragement and suggestion than strict supervision, and if clients so choose, Heritage will assist them in transitioning to completely independent living.

Scattered Site Supported Housing Programs – Admission Criteria
  • Client must be 18 years of age or older and have a diagnosis of severe and persistent mental illness.
  • Client must be eligible to receive entitlement benefits from the NYC Human Resources Administration Department of Social Services, the Social Security Administration, Medicaid, SNAP, etc.
  • Client must have no immediate potential for or likelihood of doing serious harm to himself or others.
  • Client must agree to adhere to his or her individual service plan, and to the rules of the program.
  • Client must be approved for community care by the NYC Human Resources Administration's Office of Health and Mental Health Services.
  • Client must demonstrate the ability to live independently with minimal case management supports.
  • Clients must have intact benefits or employment and agree to pay 30% of his or her income toward rent.
  • For the Supported Housing II program, client must be eligible for housing under New York/New York II criteria.
  • For the Supported Housing III program, client must be eligible for housing under New York/New York III criteria, and referral must come from either the NYC Department of Homeless Services or from NYS Office of Mental Health facilities.
  • Referral source must submit an approved HRA-2010E housing form and current supporting documentation, including psychosocial summary, psychiatric assessment, physical examination, and entitlement documentation.

For additional information, contact:
Supervising Case Manager